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Welcome to Indian Kitchen in Pisa!

Namaste,  We welcome you to the online house of "Namaste Indian Restaurant". We provide authentic typical Indian food in the heart of Pisa. we provided a fantastic, original Indian ambient in our Restaurant for all Indian Food lovers. From North Indian dishes to South Indian dishes with Eastern & Western Indian flavors, we could serve you everything with pleasure. Our restaurant is completely airconditioned.

We speak Italian,English,Hindi,Marati,Konkani,Tulu,Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam & Kannada


Special offers for Groups(+10)
Requested common menu for the group or Individual menu are offered at discounted rate. We also UNDERTAKE PARTY ORDERS.For bookings contact us by phone :0039-333-7546356 (or)


we are proud and happy to announce that we won Trip advisors "Certificate of Excellence" for the year 2013 & 2014


Leading credit cards and food coupons are accepted

About Us


Established in Pisa by Mr.Velupandian Devar in the year 2010, NamasteIndia is pioneering in bringing the autentic Indian cuisine to Indian food lovers inside Italy.

With more than 30 years of cooking experience with around 16 years of cooking inside Italy, NamasteIndia was finally established in Pisa with a sole motto to provide quality authentic Indian dish to the local Indian food lovers here in Pisa and also to serve tourist starving for Indian foods.

With the massive welcome by the localities for NamasteIndia, making it to increase the menu count gradually. Now NamasteIndia offers more than 40 varities of typical Indian food for its customers which tend to grow significantly.

Visit us as a customer and leave as a friend!, Namaste.

Where We Are

Via S.Bernardo, 34
(Crossing Street to Corso Italia)
56100-Pisa, Italy
Tel: 0039-050-40604
Cel: 0039-333-7546356
Everyday from 11.30 to 15.00 &
   19:00 to 00:00
About the Location
'Corso Italia' is located in the heart of Pisa and around 5 minutes walk from the Pisa Railway station.It is exactly in the middle of the way to the leaning tower from the Railway station. It is the main and the only shopping area in Pisa. More..